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October, 2009

COTS memories have increased failures

October 26th, 2009

Recent analysis by Google has shown DRAM errors to be orders of magnitude higher than reported by manufacturers.   Based on analysis of server usage and failure rates, it was determined that ~8% of all DIMM are affected by errors each year.  The reason for the memory failures is that OEMs, test houses and chip […]

Counterfeit ICs for US Navy?

October 13th, 2009

Counterfeit ICs continue to be a concern. A recent court case has begun involving allegedly intentionally mis-labeled ICs that may have been purchased by the US Navy. Kathy Whittington is 514’s main counterfeit contact. Please check with her for the lastest details on how JPL is addressing counterfeit ICs.

FPGAs & MRAMs together

October 1st, 2009

Researchers at the LIRMM in France have developed an FPGA cell based on MRAM technologies. Space FPGAs use FPGAs based on either SRAM cells or antifuse cells. The use of MRAM technology mixed into an FPGA architecture has the potential to reduce power savings in standby mode and reduce configuration time. The idea to mix […]