Office of Safety and Mission Success Component Engineering & Assurance Office 514


February, 2012

“Memory Circuit Fault Simulator” New Technology Reporting (NTR) Approved

February 21st, 2012

Doug Sheldon has had a software development accepted and approved as part of the New Technology Reporting process. The software NTR is entitled “Memory Circuit Fault Simulator”. The simulator is a MATLAB based tool that generically models the writing and reading of a memory array. The tool models the both the logical and physical process […]

Spontaneous Concept Proposal Awarded: “Solar Proton Displacement Damage Monitor for a Small-Spacecraft Fleet”

February 7th, 2012

A spontaneous concept proposal, “Solar Proton Displacement Damage Monitor for a Small-Spacecraft Fleet”, has been awarded. The main purpose of the work is to develop a low-cost passive proton displacement monitor that can be implemented at low cost, without concern about annealing or fading. The principal investigator is Allan Johnston (514); Randall Swimm (514) and […]