Office of Safety and Mission Success Component Engineering & Assurance Office 514


Nancy Chiang Successfully Led a 356/512/514 Cross-Sectional Collaboration to Define and Establish the EEE Passive Components’ “Cut-Tape” Procurement and Kitting Process

Nancy Chiang (Electronic Parts Engineering), successfully led a 356/512/514 cross-sectional collaboration to define and to establish the EEE passive components’ “cut-tape” procurement and kitting process.   When “cut-tape” process is used, components are ordered in “tape and reel” form and kitted in “cut-tape” form which feeds directly into the SMT machine.   The “cut-tape” process greatly reduces the cost and time of handling passive components, traditionally in bulk and/or waffle tray packaging.    The time/cost saving benefits the entire parts lifecycle, from QA, to inventory, to manufacturing.

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