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The focus of the Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Parts/Technology Program is the infusion of commercial grade state-of-the-art parts into JPL hardware and systems. It is supported by the JPL Technical Infrastructure Program. The performance, reliability, and quality of COTS parts should meet the requirements of the mission they are used in.

The COTS infusion process includes developing new methodologies, generating test data, performing parts evaluation, risk assessment and mitigation. An integral part of this process is the evaluation of COTS manufacturers for their capability and ability to deliver reliable parts for Space applications.

The scope of COTS candidate parts include Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits and Known-Good-Die.

The COTS Program supplements project's use of high reliability parts, such as Class S. Cutting edge technology parts are often available only as COTS; if properly evaluated and/or screened they may be the best choice for a high-technology mission. COTS parts often represent the most enhanced performance and function at a moderate acquisition cost.

This web site was developed to disseminate parts information and data gathered under the auspices of the COTS program.

Last Updated: September, 2008