Office of Safety and Mission Success Component Engineering & Assurance Office 514

Parts Acquisition Group Contact Information

Contact Info and Work Schedule

 Name  Position  Phone  Cell Phone  Office  Fax  Mail Stop  Work Schedule
 Nancy Chiang  Supervisor  818-354-0949  818-653-2845  303-284  818-393-4559  303-200  9/80 AWS
 Robert Cong  Parts Rep  818-354-6947  626-460-9495  303-270E  818-393-4559  303-200  9/80 AWS
 John Costello  Parts Rep  818-354-1962  626-710-5621  303-270A  818-393-4559  303-200  9/80 AWS
 Alice Dominguez  Flight Stores  818-354-2561  626-993-5638  241-107  818-393-4559  303-200  9/80 AWS
 Deborah Drake  Order Desk  818-354-6335  303-270H  818-393-1638  303-200  9/80 AWS
 Kristan Ellis  Parts Rep  818-354-1636  818-263-9579  303-270C  818-393-4559  303-200  5/40
 Justin Guzzi  Flight Stores  818-354-2561  241-107  818-393-4559  303-200  9/80 AWS
 Linda Mayo  Order Desk  818-354-0721  303-270B  818-393-4559  303-200  9/80 AWS
 Genevieve Mcdermott  Flight Stores  818-354-2561  626-314-0444  241-107  818-393-1638  303-200  9/80 AWS
 Tracy Carrillo-Ploen  Order Desk  818-354-4183  303-270F  818-393-4559  303-200  9/80 AWS
 Choon Wong  Parts Rep  818-354-9872  303-270D  818-393-4559  303-200  9/80 AWS
 Tony Ye  Parts Rep  818-354-2097  303-260B  818-393-4559  303-200  9/80 AWS
 Ruzanna Yeranosyan  Order Desk  818-354-1652  303-270J  818-393-4559  303-200  9/80 AWS

Project Assignments

 Projects @ Design/Build Phase  Parts Rep  Order Desk  PPE
 Common Stock (CEP)  Nancy Chiang  Linda Mayo (Debbie Drake)
 COTS Reliability Infusion Task  Robert Cong  Linda Mayo  Mark White
 DIEB  Nancy Chiang  Linda Mayo (Ruzanna Yeranosyan)  Tom Brown
 ECOSTRESS  Nancy Chiang  Linda Mayo  John Puckett
 Europa Clipper  Robert Cong / John Costello  Linda Mayo  Kelly Stanford
 Europa Lander  Robert Cong  Linda Mayo  —
 JUICE/RIME  Tony Ye  Tracy Carrillo-Ploen  Kelly Stanford / Danny Wu
 Leonardo (M2020 Helicopter)  Robert Cong  Linda Mayo  Philippe Adell
 LunarFlashlight/NEA Scout (CubeSat) Interface Board
 Robert Cong  Ruzanna Yeranosyan  Robert Cong
 LunarFlashlight/NEA Scout (CubeSat) Sphinx Board
 Robert Cong  Tracy Carrillo-Ploen  Robert Cong
 MAIA  Nancy Chiang  Debbie Drake
 Mars 2020  Kristan Ellis  Debbie Drake (Tracy Carrillo-Ploen)

Avionics/MOXIE: Heidi Nichols/James Skinner;

Sherloc/SuperCam: Nazia Ovee;

PIXL: Danny Wu

 MAV  Robert Cong  Ruzanna Yeranosyan
 Metrology – MMT  Nancy Chiang  Linda Mayo  Tom Brown
 NI-SAR  John Costello  Linda Mayo  John Puckett / Danny Wu
 OCO-3  Nancy Chiang  Linda Mayo  Nazia Ovee / John Puckett
 Sentinel-6  Robert Cong  Debbie Drake (Tracy Carrillo-Ploen)  Robert Cong / James Skinner

 Tony Ye

Robert Cong (AMR)

 Linda Mayo  Gustavo Jimenez / Mitch Sundgaard


Projects @ Support Phase  Parts Rep  Order Desk  PPE
 CAL  John Costello  Debbie Drake
 Context Camera – OCO-3 and NEA Scout  Nancy Chiang
 COWVR  Nancy Chiang  Debbie Drake  Gustavo Jimenez
 DSAC  Nancy Chiang  Debbie Drake  Kelly Stanford
 DSOC  Robert Cong  Debbie Drake
 ECOSTRESS  Nancy Chiang  Linda Mayo  John Puckett / Nazia Ovee
 GRACE Follow-On  Nancy Chiang  Linda Mayo
 Insight  John Costello  Linda Mayo  Kelly Stanford / Nazia Ovee
 Jason-3  Robert Cong  Linda Mayo  James Skinner
 MarCO (CubeSat)  Robert Cong  Debbie Drake
 MIRI  Kristan Ellis / John Costello  Linda Mayo  James Skinner
 RainCube (Cube SAT)  Nancy Chiang  Debbie Drake
 RBI  Nancy Chiang  Debbie Drake
 SMAP  John Costello  Debbie Drake  Nayla Fernandes