The Parts Engineering and Reliability Group includes specialists and subject matter experts for the part technologies used by JPL flight projects.

The group conducts engineering assessments of electronic, electrical, and electro-mechanical (EEE) parts, advising JPL flight projects on part selection to maximize part reliability while considering schedule and cost. Parts are selected and up-screened as needed to ensure they meet applicable JPL and NASA quality standards established for each project. The group also leads and supports failure investigations when parts problems arise, and develops and executes characterization tests for technology development.

Group Responsibilites & Services

Integral to Project Support, Parts Engineering & Reliability employs all of the following to comprehensively support the Project Parts process.

Project Requirements and Quality Assurance
  • Review and approval of parts for part reliability and quality conformance to project requirements
Solution Pathways
  • Providing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the resolution of parts issues
  • Recommending replacement parts when parts do not conform to requirements
Test Execution and Review
  • Developing and performing characterization tests on potential high-payoff devices, e.g., NEPP focused technologies
  • Review and approval of test data that is submitted by parts vendors to ensure requirements are met
Waiver Risk Assessment
  • Risk assessment of waivers and other non-conformances
Technology and Supplier Assessment
  • Assessing the technical capabilities of new suppliers
  • Assessing new technologies for flight infusion
Research and Development
  • Developing reliability and qualification evaluation plans
  • Developing procurement and test specifications such as Source Control Drawings (SCDs), Selected Item Drawings (SIDs) and Altered Item Drawings (AIDs) for custom parts and emerging technologies
  • Developing/maintaining Users Guides (on such subjects as Known Good Die, Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits, COTS Utilization, and Derating guidelines)


For general parts engineering inquiries, contact Jean Yang-Scharlotta at jean.yang-scharlotta@jpl.nasa.gov.